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Baron Imagino Umphress
Artist | Student | Literature
I am an artist in my own right, but I use words instead of paint, canvas, or other materials (maybe except a pen, pencil with eraser, and paper). I often write fiction and some occasional poetry. I hope one day to become a renowned novelist of science fiction. You may call me Imagino, Gino, or Baron. Only people I know in real life know my real name, but even on deviantArt I ask them to call me by these names.

Favourite genre of music: Rock (as long as there is substance in the music)
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Creative Zen V Plus
Personal Quote: I'm young, therefore I'm naďve.

Minecraft: Baron_Imagino
First of, I would like to say, "Merry Christmas (Eve) everyone!"

But since I can't say it, I guess I will have to type it:  Merry Christmas (Eve) everyone!

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let's get to the topic at hand.

All my life, I have been part of a fandom for something, whether it be Yu-Gi-Oh! when I was in Grade 4, Pokémon games in Grade 5 (I think, although I have enjoyed the plot for Pokémon White; I still have to complete the post-plot stuff so that I can play Pokémon White 2 already), Harry Potter (since I saw the first movie), and (I am ashamed, but I'll be truthful) Twilight (I liked the idea that something new was given to vampire mythology, at least until some classmates of mine in French 11 spoiled the ending of book four unintentionally.  Goodness I am thankful that I stopped liking it when I found out about the ending).  Even today, I am still a sucker for being a part of a fandom; I have recently been introduced to Doctor Who (I have only seen the 6th season of the new series, so I don't really know much about the Doctor beyond the 11th incarnation, played by Matt Smith), I have just finished watching season 2 of Sherlock (I wouldn't be surprised if that ending caused several cases of Major Depressive Disorder), and I am also a Muser (Muse's new album The 2nd Law took a lot of risks, but I think the track listing is wrong) and a Beatlemaniac (I like everything from Revolver to Abbey Road the most.  I don't have strong feelings for Let it Be).  As such, I am no stranger to crazy ideas within any given fandom.

Crazy Idea #1: After watching season 1 of Sherlock, my brother and I thought about who would make the ultimate detective team.  While this is not exactly a definitive list, we believe that the ultimate detective team would consist of:
-Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock
-Mordin Solus from Mass Effect 2 and 3
-Professor Layton (I confess I have never played a Professor Layton game as of this blog)
-L from Death Note
-Phoenix Wright (No personal experience, but I liked the games based on some Let's Plays I've seen).
-Bruce Wayne from Batman (Why not?  They say he's the world's greatest detective.  Then again, he has a thing for a deadly bee weapon, he hates rock'n'roll, and other flaws in bad comics reviewed by Linkara).

Crazy Idea #2: I have little experience in regards to the Final Fantasy series aside from the first few hours of FF XIII (my goodness, the paradigm battle system; I am so glad to have found out that FF XIII is not representative of all FF games), but based on my research of all the earlier games (from Square Enix's website about Final Fantasy to a Let's Play of Final Fantasy VII), I can see why Final Fantasy is/was (not sure which tense to use) a revered game series.  Mass Effect is also a revered game series (until ME3's ending.  In all honestly, I am not very fond of ME3 in its entirety) that is also famous for it's characters and battle system.  Yesterday (or a few hours ago), I thought, "What would happen if Mass Effect 1 and 2 were Final Fantasies?"  Here is a list of things I have so far concluded:
-All the characters would fulfill archetypal roles in Final Fantasy as follows:
   -Shepard (any role)
   -Ashley (Warrior)
   -Kaiden (Red Mage with a focus on magic)
   -Garrus (Monk/Black Belt)
   -Tali (Black Mage)
   -Wrex (Red Mage with a focus on weapon based combat)
   -Liara (White Mage)
   -Jacob (Red Mage with a focus on white magic)
   -Miranda (Red Mage with a focus on weapon based combat)
   -Mordin (Red Mage with a focus on black magic)
   -Grunt (Warrior)
   -Jack (White Mage)
   -Zaied (Monk/Black Belt; also sorry if I misspelled his name)
   -Kasumi (Thief/Ninja)
   -Thane (Thief/Ninja)
   -Samara (White Mage; Paladin in FF XI terms)
   -Morinth (Black Mage)
   -Legion (Black Mage)
And now, the explanation; Mass Effect character archetypes don't necessarily fit in with Final Fantasy roles, but I have a basic set of guidelines:
   1. Those with a focus on weapons are Warriors
   2. Those who use biotic abilities are White Mages
   3. Those who use tech abilities are Black Mages
   4. A combination of weapons, biotics, and tech constitute a Red Mage, usually with a focus on weapons or magic.
There are still notable exceptions though; Garrus, being a Turian, is methodical like a monk (understanding Turian society in Mass Effect can help you understand why Garrus is assigned the role of Monk/Blackbelt).  Jack at first glance might not seem like the type to play the role of White Mage, but she does change into someone who cares for other people in the end.  Zaied has the same abilities as Garrus, except for the grenades; he got kicked out of the mercenary group he helped created because he was the only mercenary who is not (entirely) corrupted; as such, Zaied is also a monk/blackbelt.  Kasumi and Thane are both sneaky characters who use tech abilities; Thieves/Ninjas in Final Fantasy, as far as I understand, are sneaky and they use some black magic.  And while Morinth is a biotic, she is also an Ardakt-Yakshi (Long story short, it means she's like that girl who almost kills James Bond in the sauna in Goldeneye), and not only that, she uses her powers for selfish personal gain and she kills indiscriminately... with her powers.  Therefore, Morinth is the only biotic on this list who counts as a Black Mage.
-The Normandy would be the airship you would use later in the game.
-Three people would have to be added to the Normandy's crew; Biggs, Wedge, and Cid.
-The Elcor would be replaced with Chocobos, and the Hanar would be replaced with Moogles.

So there you go.  I just wanted to provide some food for thought.  Weird mind you, but still something to mull over.

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